The Enchanted Cave 2 魔法洞穴2 魔洞探险2 攻略

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The Enchanted Cave 2 魔法洞穴2 魔洞探险2 攻略

最近爱不释手的游戏,游戏时间超过20小时,记录一下打造材料方便游戏,记录一下故事线(Story line)提高游戏乐趣。












  • Attack 攻击力:增加攻击力。
  • Bleed 流血:忽视对方防御力/元素防御力,每一次攻击都会造成额外伤害(显示为红字),对元素生物无效
  • Critical Hit Chance 暴击几率:暴击会打出黄字,金色物品本身带的暴击效果比打造出来的好上至少一倍,所以建议不用靠打造物品来堆砌暴击几率。
  • Dark Attack 黑暗元素攻击:附加黑暗元素攻击伤害。
  • Dark Defense 黑暗元素防御:增加对黑暗元素攻击的抵抗。
  • Decimate 摧残:同流血一样,忽视对方防御力/元素防御力,每一次攻击都会造成额外伤害(显示为紫字),对元素生物有效,所以在流血和摧残效果我建议选择后者。
  • Defense 防御力:增加防御力。
  • Dodge Chance 回避:增加回避几率。
  • Earth Attack 大地元素攻击:附加大地元素攻击伤害。
  • Earth Defense 大地元素防御:增加对大地元素攻击的抵抗。
  • Exp Bonus 额外经验值:增加额外百分比经验值。
  • Fire Attack 火焰元素攻击:附加火焰元素攻击伤害。
  • Fire Defense 火焰元素防御:增加对火焰元素攻击的抵抗。
  • Gold Bonus 额外金钱:增加额外百分比金钱。
  • HP Regen 生命再生:战斗结束后回复生命值。前期到中期最重要的技能之一。
  • HP Restore 生命恢复:制作药水用。
  • Ice Attack 冰霜元素攻击:附加冰霜元素攻击伤害。
  • Ice Defense 冰霜元素防御:增加对冰霜元素攻击的抵抗。
  • Insta-kill 斩杀:增加一击致命几率。整个游戏只有一个(一件)物品增加此属性,Agony Stone,需要完成酒馆里的一个交换Dragon scale mail任务才能获得。
  • Item Drop Chance 额外物品掉落:增加额外物品跌落几率。
  • Light Attack 光明元素攻击:附加光明元素攻击伤害。
  • Light Defense 光明元素防御:增加对光明元素攻击的抵抗。
  • Magic 魔力:增加魔力(影响恢复魔法效果)。
  • MP Regen 法力再生:战斗结束后回复法力值。前期到中期最重要的技能之一。
  • MP Restore 法力恢复:制作药水用。
  • Wind Attack 风元素攻击:附加风元素攻击伤害。
  • Wind Defense 风元素防御:增加对风元素攻击的抵抗。




  • 能力 物品名称 购买价格 性能级别(最高为10)
  • Attack 攻击力:Cyclops Tears 350 Attack 9
  • Bleed 流血:Bloodstone Shard 310 Bleed 10
  • Critical Hit Chance 暴击几率:Cyclops Tears 350 Critical Hit Chance 10
  • Dark Attack 黑暗元素攻击:Heart of Darkness 325 Dark Attack 9
  • Dark Defense 黑暗元素防御:Ghostly Mist 380 Dark Defense 10
  • Decimate 摧残:Orb of Zot 360 Decimate 8
  • Defense 防御力:Dino Skull 190 Defense 8
  • Dodge Chance 回避:Trans Dimensional Poop 360 Dodge Chance 10
  • Earth Attack 大地元素攻击:Mountain Root 150 Earth Attack 4
  • Earth Defense 大地元素防御:Turtle Shell 230 Earth Defense 6
  • Exp Bonus 额外经验值:Mounter Sould 375 Exp Bonus 10
  • Fire Attack 火焰元素攻击:Dragon Tears 410 Fire Attack 10 和 Dragon blood 375 Fire Attack 10
  • Fire Defense 火焰元素防御:Dino Skull 190 Fire Defense 6
  • Gold Bonus 额外金钱:Golden Yarn 310 Gold Bonus 10
  • HP Regen 生命再生:Dragon Tears 410 HP Regen 8
  • HP Restore 生命恢复:Troll Poop 150 HP Restore 7
  • Ice Attack 冰霜元素攻击:Dry Ice 160 Ice Attack 6
  • Ice Defense 冰霜元素防御:Penguin Feet 160 Ice Defense 7
  • Insta-kill 斩杀:Agony Stone 2000 Insta-kill 10
  • Item Drop Chance 额外物品掉落:Ogre Tears 330 Item Drop Chance 10
  • Light Attack 光明元素攻击:Blue Angry Teacup 250 Light Attack 7
  • Light Defense 光明元素防御:Unicorn Poop 275 Light Defense 6
  • Magic 魔力:Geode 70 Magic 1
  • MP Regen 法力再生:Mortimus Iron 180 MP Regen 6
  • MP Restore 法力恢复:Shiny Moon Moss 220 MP Restore 6
  • Wind Attack 风元素攻击:Lighting Crystal 300 Wind Attack 7
  • Wind Defense 风元素防御:Malachite 150 Wind Defense 5




The FOOLS have no idea of the power in this! IDIOTS with their "morals"... degrading humanity to a worthless state with no concept of true knowledge. I will have to study onmy own, in this cave. It is dark and cold, but empty and dry... I see a lot of potential here.

After exploring more of the cave I am becoming more pleased with this decision. there's several natural creatures like rats and bats around to experiment with, and the farmer a few miles to the west has plenty of food in his fields for now.

DAY 12
Just as I expected! After a few failed attempts, I've refined this spell to utilize the soul of a rat to transform its b bones to a mostly pure gold substance. It's like I hold the key to nature itself. Necromancy must hold so many more wonderful secrets...

DAY 25
Was attacked by the farmer today after he caught me stealing more squash. Knocked me down from behind and started screaming at me like I was some homeless teenager, with no idea I was armed. I sprang up and stabbed him with my dagger without thinking... I loaded this body in a wheelbarrow and took him back. I couldn't resist... an actual human soul.

DAY 60
Over a month since my last entry... i’ve been very busy. The farmer’s soul has proven more powerful than i had imagined. I can shift the walls of the cave, create gold and silver tools and weapons from rock and dust,and use the corpses of existing creatures to conjure new ones loyal to me.I must get more somehow...

DAY 75
This gold and silver i’m able to create... worthless to me, but valuable to others. I think i can use their greed to my advantage... lure them in with riches. But how to make it not an obvious trap? i need to think more about this, and soon... i’ve almost used up all of the power from the farmer’s soul.

DAY 104
Everything is finally in place and already coming together! An enchantment on the cave to make it a Treasure hunt of sorts, with an option of escape... but with the ultimate risk. The fools are willing to risk their lives for treasure, blinded by their greed. Just a sample message of a treasure cave in nearby town and curiosity and word of mouth will take care of the rest.

DAY 160
It’s been a while since my last entry, but i need to reflect... two. Two souls so far i"ve managed to reap from greedy explorers. They all died from creatures too... i didn’t even have to do it. it’s so perfect. I need to refine the enchantment on the cave so that it is self-sustaining...I want to spend my time studying and experimenting.

DAY 285
Finally i feel like writing another entry. Things were more than i could have hoped for for months... I’ve gotten at least 30 souls??? i don’t know... i’ve lost count. I’ve taken to conjuring newer more powerful creatures... decided to use the energy of onecomplete human soul to see what i could do and made an enormous spider...I’ve sent it to guard a heap of treasure.

YEAR 2, DAY???
I’ve lost track of time, but it’s been at least a year since my last entry. The power of necromancy is incredible... i think somehow the potential of a creature is concentrated in the soul... which when extracted leads to immense power. Things are slowing down a bit though, I think i may actually be running out of explorers in this area? How to make the cave more accessible...

Checkpoints! Every 10th level i cleared to allow people to do as they please... and it seems some have set up shop on these floors. It’s so perfect. It makes thing a bit easier for more adventurers, but still with plenty of challenge and valuables deeper into the cave. I’ve also noticed an inn built just outside the cave. Seems it’s a bit of a tourist attraction! HA!

I’ve conjured a massive crystal to store extra soul since things are going so well. This power... I want to show people. I want to show them how wrong they were. I don’t know what, but i will be stockpiling souls for something big one day...

Year 7
An entire town has appered just outside... and amusingly they've also made a marker keeping track of lost explorers. I've been keeping the death toll under 1% to keep up interest. The crystal of souls glows with just over 250 souls by now. I've begun drawing out plans for my ultimate creation... a collosal demon under my own bidding to show the world my true power. would need 1000 souls for this however...

Year 20
Found my old diary. How far I've come since that farmer... The soul count reached 800 today. Plans for my 1000 soul conjuration are nearly done... I guess it's just a waiting game now.

Year 22
things slowed for a bit, but not anymore, hahaha! This worked so beautifully. I am now buying these fools' escape wings directly from them and they are not suspecting anything. Greed, my faithful companion... is bringing even more of these people to their death.

Year 24, DAY 1
I don't knnow what day it is from the beginning, but I think I'll start keeping track again. the soul count is at 976. Twenty-four more and my demon will be conjured. An immense demon, more powerful than all other creatures... under my complete control.


Year 24, DAY 7
980! Only twenty more left. I've made things more dangerous to speed things up... but I don't want to ruin everything.

YEAR 24, DAY 20
996... I am so close, but things are actually drastically slowing down... few people are entering the cave. I misjudged. I myself... became too greedy... too impatient. I must hold back. I only need four more to complete my conjuration.

YEAR 24, DAY 22
998. I may go insane

YEAR 24, DAY 25
999 today. I ONLY NEED ONE MORE. There seems to be only one fool still exploring this place. I think a... personal visit may be order. Floor 80 seems like a good place to finish this.


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